I kept track of all the money I spent during my hike (I’m obsessive enough to do this is my regular life as well). I can answer the main question of this blog post very simply: I spent €6,500. Not too bad for such a big trip. As it took 6 and a half months, that cleanly works out to 1000€/month.

So, what does that include?

My total cost of €6,500 includes all of the money I spent since I left home to begin my hike, and my final day on the trail. My flights to/from the trail are also included. The main expense that’s not taken into account here is the gear I started with, since I already owned most of that. Below is a pie chart and table breaking down where that money went. You can find the spreadsheet here.

Additional Information

Some general costs in 2022:

  • I was generally spending about €10/day on food. Less from big supermarkets, or cheap countries, more from small stores in expensive places.
  • Typical hut in Bulgaria €10 (20lv)
  • Typical hut in the Alps (with alpine club membership) €20
  • Typical hut in the Pyrenees €20
  • Typical albergue on the Camino <€10
  • Trail runners from a store (not online) €110

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