Day 192 – 195
Day 192 – 195

Day 192 – 195

Km 6133 to km 6258, Arzúa (Spain) to Muxía (Spain).

Day 192

01/11/2022 – 39km

I arrived in Santiago, the traditional destination of these pilgrimages and there’s a real sense of celebration in the air, with so many people around having completed long hikes.

After admiring the cathedral, I went to the pilgrim office to collect my Compostela (a certificate for my pilgrimage). They were good enough to put in Cape Emine (Bulgaria) as my starting location even though it’s not a typical route. Usually one collects stamps to show that they actually travelled that way, so they asked if I had something to prove my journey, so I showed them a map I have from Google showing where I took my photos.

A highlight of my day was doing a nice sketch of one of the cathedral towers. I try not to worry if my drawings are any good or not (that kind of pressure just gets in the way), but when it does work out it puts me in a great mood.

Later a group of camino hikers invited me to join them for dinner. It was really nice to pass the evening in warm company with delicious food.

Day 193

02/11/2022 – 33km

For my final days I’ll be doing shorter distances, so I could afford to lie in this morning.

I think this extension from Santiago to the coast is a popular option and I passed quite a few people as I left the city. At some point I must have gotten ahead of the crowd leaving Santiago and I saw very few people for the rest of the day.

For the last few days there have been a lot of eucalyptus trees, and they’re slowly becoming one of my favourites (favourite trees that is, although I don’t have a list written down anywhere).

Day 194

03/11/2022 – 42km

After a very wet and windy morning the sky brightened up and I got to enjoy the sunshine again.

I was planning on walking 31km today, but the municipal albergue in Dumbría was closed (just for today). The next one was 11km away. Luckily I had some company and the extra time passed quickly. We were surprised how nice and modern the hostel was, given that it’s in a very rural area, surrounded by farms.

Day 195

04/11/2022 – 11km

Today I reached the Atlantic. I felt quite emotional when I rounded a corner and was suddenly by the ocean.

After arriving in Muxía I went straight out to the cape and enjoyed just sitting and watching big waves pounding against the granite coastline. You can see why this area is called the Costa da Morte.

For my last night on the trail I’m watching the sun set into the sea. The last day tomorrow. It still hasn’t sunk in.


  1. Marco

    Congratulations! It’s crazy what you’ve achieved. Thank you so much for letting me “accompany” you. I will miss your blog posts. I wish you a good arrival with friends, family and ….

  2. What you have done is just unbelievable, i don’t find the proper words to say it
    A friend of mine who hiked the whole camino form Le Puy to Santiago (something 100 times more routine and easier than what you did) told me he began to cry profusely when he arrived in front of the Cathedral of Santiago, though he is an non-believer… Did you get that kind of emotion when seing the ocean?
    I hope the return to normal life will not be too difficult for you!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Ben, massive congrats on a fantastic achievement. I am a friend of your Dad’s and have been following your progress since August. What you have done is really inspirational and I have loved following your blog (can’t wait for the TV series and the book to follow). To achieve this largely on your own cannot be under estimated, the trail can be a lonely place at times and i admire your strength of character and determination to go the distance.
    Kind regards

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