Day 114 – 116
Day 114 – 116

Day 114 – 116

Km 3885 to km 3975, Plateaux du Vercors (France) to Valence (France).

Day 114

15/08/2022 – 48km

I packed up this morning in the dark and it was eerily quiet. It was very still, and there were no sounds. No wind, no birds, no insects. I didn’t notice it at first, but once I did it was hard to think about anything else.

I was just continuing through the Vercors region. Not as dramatic as the Alps, but very nice countryside in it’s own way.

I’m staying in a very nice neat and clean shelter, d’Ambel. Best of all, it’s free.

Day 115

16/08/2022 – 40km

Another early morning to try and reach the train station by a reasonable time. It was very bright in the moonlight, and the wide open landscapes looked amazing.

The walking was pretty easy, cruising down into the Rhône valley and I power walked to the train station by early afternoon and arrived in Marseille a couple of hours later.

It was great (and strange) to be back somewhere so familiar. I went out to a Tunisian restaurant for dinner with a friend.

Day 116

17/08/2022 – 0km

So, a day off to celebrate finishing the Alps, with great food and great company. I finally got my favourite kind of pizza again, chèvre et miel (goats cheese and honey).

I also have some new shoes again. I was skeptical of the Hokas at first, but they’ve held up well for over 1600km through the Alps and I’m very impressed with their durability.

In the evening the friends hosting me threw a dinner for some mutual friends, so that was very nice.


  1. Hi Ben

    so you managed to survive in Marseille : this was more hazardous than anything else you did before 😉
    I hope you enjoy the Massif Central and the GR7 : “la France Profonde”, as we say, (though in many regards “Cevennes” is deeply atypical, if only because it used to be a protestant region)

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