Day 129 – 132
Day 129 – 132

Day 129 – 132

Km 4125 to km 4262, La Bastide (France) to Le Vigan (France).

Day 129

30/08/2022 – 26km

Easing back into it today. Only 26km, and on easy terrain, it flew by. I was done very early, and there was definitely that voice at the back of my brain urging me to continue on, but I didn’t listen. I’m trying to hold myself back, especially as I’m just starting again.

It felt good to be moving. When I’m walking I don’t notice anything wrong. It’s just when I’m resting that I notice I’m still breathing a bit more heavily than I should be.

I mostly followed the Robert Louis Stevenson trail today, as it was going to my planned destination, just a little more directly than the GR7. There were a lot of other hikers, I can definitely say it’s a popular way. I’ve even seen quite a few pack mules, which I always enjoy meeting, they’re beautiful animals. My guess is that Stevenson used one, and now it’s a “thing”.

Day 130

31/08/2022 – 36km

A noticeable change in scenery today. Yesterday it was green fields and forests. Today it was granite boulders, scrubland and dusty trail. It was very beautiful, hence many pictures.

I think I’m feeling better again (compared to yesterday, not completely), but it’s hard to tell. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Day 131

01/09/2022 – 39km

I was woken up twice in the night by pigs wandering too close to my tent. They were strangely unresponsive to me making noise, but I was able to ward them off with my small torch.

The main location today was Barre des Cévennes, a beautifully dense little village of tight alleyways, built below a picturesque rock outcrop.

I had lots of wide open views today, of hillscapes stretching in all directions.

Day 132

02/09/2022 – 36km

Some very heavy rain today, but thankfully not for too long. There’s a lot forecast for the next few days though.

I was planning to stay at the campground of the town I’m in, but I learnt that the tent part is closed this year. So I’m in the cheapest auberge.

Whilst waiting in a park before check-in, I got talking to a local family and they invited me back to their place for a drink and we chatted for a while. They were so welcoming. Later I went out for dinner with another guy staying in the auberge. I’m glad my French is just about good enough for these interactions.

As a health update I feel much better. But I think I’m going to be wary for the rest of my hike. Perhaps that’s not the worst thing.


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