Day 133 – 136
Day 133 – 136

Day 133 – 136

Km 4262 to km 4421, Le Vigan (France) to Prémian (France).

Day 133

03/09/2022 – 42km

At dawn I was by the old bridge, heading out of le Vigan. I saw two animals swimming by. My first thought was otters. But otters don’t doggy paddle with their heads above water, and besides, these were bigger. I thought it looked like a capybara, but obviously they don’t live in France. It wasn’t until I looked up possible animals that I now realise they must have been beavers. Somehow it never occurred to me.

Later in the day I descended into and traversed along the Navacelles gorge, as you can see in the pictures it was very beautiful.

Day 134

04/09/2022 – 26km

In the interest of going easier, I took a short day today and am staying in the town of Lodève. Part of the decision was because of a very well reviewed and budget friendly hostel here. It’s actually a former bordel and it has a lot of character.

Again heavy rain was forecast for today, but there was barely a drop. I hope the same holds for tomorrow.

Day 135

05/09/2022 – 42km

A wet day. There were a few very heavy showers, but it was still warm, so there was a lot of humidity. When it wasn’t raining I was sweating a lot. However nothing takes the gloom out of rain and sweat like knowing you’ll be sleeping inside and getting a shower, which I will.

Thankfully it wasn’t raining as I passed through the fortified medieval town of Boussague. The feeling of walking through history has really been a highlight of this section.

Day 136

06/09/2022 – 30km

Uneventful day, trying to take it easy once again. On and off rain, very humid. I had some nice interactions with the locals of some villages I passed through.

Tonight I’m sleeping in a very basic open concrete shelter next to a rural church.


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