Day 141 – 143
Day 141 – 143

Day 141 – 143

Km 4547 to km 4605, Mouthoumet (France) to Vinça (France).

Day 141

11/09/2022 – 24km

Still no change in my condition, but actually that’s slightly reassuring, following a 40km day in the heat, and a bad night of sleep (I woke up a lot from boar coming too close).

The next week or so I’m probably doing shorter days (to get to where I’m meeting dad, and then a few days hiking with him).

Since it’s a Sunday I can’t buy any more food until tomorrow, and I don’t have much left. I guess I’ll need to eat out in town tonight. The hardships of the trail.

Day 142

12/09/2022 – 35km

This morning was much harder going than I’ve been used to in the last few weeks. Overgrown trail, pushing through gorse and scrambling up loose gravel. Thankfully the rest of the day was back to being easy.

As I approached the town of Vinça, as I was crossing a busy road, who should come driving up, but my father. We’d planned to meet in town, bit with no set time. So it was quite a coincidence just to cross paths. We had a quick catch up, then he took my bag and drove to the campsite whilst I walked the remaining kilometres feeling much lighter.

We passed a nice evening swimming in the lake, chatting and going out for dinner in a neighbouring town. And tonight I have the luxury of sleeping on a comfortable full-length camping mattress and best of all, a real pillow.

Day 143

13/09/2022 – 0km

No hiking. Dad planned to look at some houses, so it was a good excuse for me to take a day off, then we can pick up the trail tomorrow.


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