Day 144 – 147
Day 144 – 147

Day 144 – 147

Km 4605 to km 4690, Vinça (France) to Bolquère (France). But we did dip into Spain.

Day 144

14/09/2022 – 18km

We had a lot to sort out this morning, as well as the important business of cooking up breakfast. As a result we didn’t start walking until after 10.

It was nice to be back underway, despite being laden down with a few days of food. I’m excited to see the Pyrenees.

There was a lot of elevation gain, and by the early evening dad was quite knackered. I asked him for a quote for the day: “I’m not quite match fit”.

I think we’re going to have fun.

Day 145

15/09/2022 – 20km

Still a lot of elevation gain, most of today was spent climbing further up. Yesterday in Vinça we were at about 250m, today we went over a peak more than 2700m.

We happened upon a staffed refugio at lunchtime and had a couple of omlettes.

In the evening we set up camp, thinking that the weather was going to be good. As I was cooking it started raining and it still hasn’t stopped. Luckily there’s a cabin close by, so we quickly packed up and ran for cover. Glad to be inside tonight.

Day 146

16/09/2022 – 23km

Much easier going today. We’d gained the altitude yesterday, and so today we were following ridges and contours without much change in elevation. Funnily enough, we both thought the treeless landscape was reminiscent of the mountains in Wales.

At the end of the day’s hiking we crossed into Spain. I’ll be switching in and out of France and Spain for the next few weeks.

Tonight we’re in a serviced hut, which means real food for dinner.

Day 147

17/09/2022 – 24km

The sky was much clearer today, and we were treated to a lot of open views.

A lot of our walk was up on a ridge with a very cold wind, which kept my nose running. It might be time to pull up my warm clothing that’s been buried at the bottom of my bag for months.

We eventually rolled into the town of Bolquère in the early evening for a night in a hotel.


  1. if it is still open you can stay at the Refuge des Bésines, a very nice place, and probably the last staffed hut you will get long the way
    You have real wilderness ahead of you : except for the ugly ski resorts of Andorra, you are now (until st jean pied de port) on the wildest and most beautiful hiking route in qll EUrope!

  2. Till aka Bambam

    Really great meeting you and your dad in Bolquere. The climb up to Canigou was quite scrambly towards the top, I wouldn’t have wanted to descent it. Hope the weather stays nice!

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