Day 168 – 171
Day 168 – 171

Day 168 – 171

Km 5205 to km 5347, Burguete-Auritz (Spain) to Leintz Gatzaga (Spain).

Day 168

08/10/2022 – 32km

It was a sunny morning in Pamplona, but by the time I’d hitched back to the trail in the hills there was only mist and wind for the rest of the day, so not many beautiful photos.

The hitch wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought, I just needed to walk for a while to get out of the city. On my way out I passed a Camino hiker I’d hung out with a few days before. He was calling my name, and not seeing him at first, I thought “no one would be calling my name on the streets of Pamplona”. It was nice to see a familiar face again, and made me look forward to the social aspect of being on a popular trail again in a few weeks for the final section.

With the bad weather and muddy ground I was happy to come across a cabin to sleep in.

Day 169

09/10/2022 – 37km

Much sunnier today. I was mostly going over hills covered in beech forest and along country lanes, it reminded me a lot of my first week in Bulgaria.

I finished my day at the campsite in the town of Lekunberri as, it being Sunday, the shop is closed and I need to buy some more food, which will have to wait until tomorrow.

Day 170

10/10/2022 – 41km

I had to wait for the supermarket to open this morning, so a bit of a later start, but the trail was good and I was soon making headway.

The treeless hills I walked over was very like the moors in England. I even had the grey weather to match.

Day 171

11/10/2022 – 42km

Due to tomorrow being a public holiday, I needed to make a detour into a village to pick up some more supplies which added 10km. So although I walked 42km, I only moved 32km further along the trail.

Lots of cloud and fog again today, so I didn’t see much. One highlight was passing by a small chapel built into a natural tunnel. I’m happy that I got 30 minutes of sun to dry out my tent. After a few wet days my stuff is taking on a certain damp smell.


    1. Thanks Cath. My feet are doing well, I’ve been using foot cream since about half way and that seems to work well for me.

      I just bought my last (5th) pair of shoes in Pamplona. Perhaps I could have made it with only 4 pairs if I really wore them until they were destroyed, but I’ve always changed to new ones before that point.

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