Day 180 – 183
Day 180 – 183

Day 180 – 183

Km 5675 to km 5825, Potes (Spain) to Nava (Spain).

Day 180

20/10/2022 – 31km

Today and tomorrow I planned shorter days to enjoy the Picos de Europa national park. Since there were also a couple of larger climbs than I’ve had lately, I didn’t know how slow it would be. But I needn’t have worried, since I was always on a track graded for vehicles.

Tonight I’m staying in the beautifully situated village of Sotres (the last picture).

Day 181

21/10/2022 – 33km

Lots of incredible national park views, particularly as I followed along the Cares Gorge.
Very windy once again, but mostly dry, so I’m happy.

I ordered a cider at the refuge this evening, and apparently one bottle (700ml 6%) is enough to get me drunk these days.

Day 182

22/10/2022 – 44km

After descending from the Picos de Europa, I passed the beautiful holy site of Covadonga. One of the photos is of a stream disappearing into a cave, and it emerges below a chapel built into a cliff. The large church nearby is the Basilica de Covadonga.

The rest of the day was spent in the lowlands, going from village to village. This made finding a place to camp very difficult, as it was just farms and private property everywhere. Eventually I realised that I wasn’t going to find anywhere good, and I ended up asking some locals if I could camp in their garden. They showed me to an orchard they owned nearby and gave me a homemade doughnut. People are the best.

Day 183

23/10/2022 – 46km

I went further than expected today, and should now reach Oviedo tomorrow. This is the starting point for the Camino Primitivo, and I’ll be on pilgrimage routes until the end, which means I probably won’t be camping any more.

So tonight, on my last night camping, I’m staying in a hotel. Like yesterday, I finished in an inhabited area and didn’t see much chance of finding somewhere. I could have gone around soliciting hospitality again, but there was a cheap hotel nearby. Also it’s raining. I don’t regret my decision.

Today also marks 6 months since I left the Black Sea. Not long to go now.

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