Day 50 – 53
Day 50 – 53

Day 50 – 53

Km 1715 to km 1870, Sinj (Croatia) to Crnopac Hut (Croatia).

Day 50

12/06/2022 – 35km

I rejoined the trail around 11am.

Today was pretty much just a straight road walk, but it was really nice. After some steep slow mountains, I’m actually coming to like a bit of quiet country road where I can really cover ground quickly.

There was even a nice lake along the way. It being 30° with very little shade, having a dip was certainly refreshing.

Day 51

13/06/2022 – 48km

The route today took me over Dinara, the highest peak in Croatia (at a somewhat modest 1831m). The climb was hot but easy, with good views all around from the top.

On the way down I crossed paths with a really friendly German guy a couple of times. He was exploring with his Land Cruiser, and we chatted both times for a while. I really enjoy these little interactions.

In the afternoon I reached the town of Knin. By now the day was baking hot and I hit up the local Lidl for cold drinks and snacks. They even had mango lasso, which may be my favourite drink, although I’m currently struggling to think of contenders to that illustrious title.

Day 52

14/06/2022 – 41km

I spent most of the day on back roads, passing a few nice small churches. I can’t really think of much else. I guess some days are less noteworthy than others.

It’s not as dull as it sounds. It was pleasant, and I continue to have an enjoyable hike.

Day 53

15/06/2022 – 30km

I met another TEAR hiker today! Adar from Israel. He’s not aiming to do the whole thing, but most of it.

I spent most of the day hanging around Gračac. A local Croatian hiker (Josip) contacted me a while ago to offer help and we agreed to meet up and hike up to Crnopac hut together, stay the night and do the peak in the morning. This all worked out as planned and we had a gorgeous hike up to the hut, where we met up with Adar.

It’s great to have some company, and it’s such a beautiful place.

As I’m sat here writing this there are fireflies glowing around me. It’s magical.


  1. Dylan

    Ben, would it be ok if I used a photo or two from day 53 in a post of my own (with acknowledgement)? The fact that two TEAR hikers have crossed paths has me beside myself. I feel like this makes it a real ‘thing’, you know?
    Next stretch of trail is incredible, enjoy!

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