Day 54 – 57
Day 54 – 57

Day 54 – 57

Km 1870 to km 2006, Crnopac Hut (Croatia) to Northern Velebit (Croatia).

Day 54

16/06/2022 – 45km

Josip, Adar and I woke up early to summit Crnopac. The trail was a beautiful vertical maze of limestone rocks and trees. Definitely a highlight so far.

I also noticed this morning that a mouse chewed through one of my shoulder strap pockets. Without thinking I left it full of snacks in a shelter that I could have foreseen having mice.

The rest of the day I was slowly climbing my way more in the Velebit region. The rocks and mountains are great here, but it’s very hot and dry, and I need to carry a lot of water.

I finished the day in a nice new shelter where I spent the evening with some Croatian guys out hiking for the weekend. Their English was very good and they were great fun, they made me feel a part of their group.

Day 55

17/06/2022 – 41km

A great day of hiking through beautiful limestone landscapes. The trail was very well marked, but was very rocky underfoot, and so was harder going than I thought it would be.

I spent the night at Sugarska Duliba hut with some trail maintainers.

Day 56

18/06/2022 – 13km

Today’s hike was just a short walk to where a road crosses the trail.

I was a little surprised to come across Lina sleeping right on the path. I was planning to meet her in town, but she’d gotten up early and hiked some way down the trail to meet me (and had fallen asleep waiting for me to show up).

We walked together back to the road where we hitched down to the town of Karlobag. With a swim in the sea, some seafood and a small apartment to stay in, today has really felt like I’m on holiday.

Day 57

19/06/2022 – 26km

We slept in longer than expected and so were a bit later getting back to the trail.

I did a short side trip scramble up to Bačić Kuk (peak). The top was quite exposed, and I was thankful for the good handholds.

We hiked later into the day than we intended, since everywhere was too steep and rocky to set up camp. Eventually we found “something”. I think the photo describes it better than I can.


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