Day 58 – 61
Day 58 – 61

Day 58 – 61

Km 2006 to km 2137, Northern Velebit (Croatia) to Bitoraj Shelter (Croatia).

Day 58

20/06/2022 – 26km

So, I’m 29 today. Happy birthday to me. I couldn’t have asked for better scenery.

The Via Dinarica follows the “Premužić Trail” here, a beautiful pathway built in the 30s by traditional stomeworkers. The mountains are very rugged, but there are many “causeways” (not sure what other word to use) creating a smooth well graded path amongst the peaks.

We ended our day at Zavizan hut and Lina bought us a coke to celebrate.

Day 59

21/06/2022 – 24km

The day started off strong. We got up early to try and be at the road sooner (more time in town). However Lina’s foot was giving her trouble and so where possible I carried her bag as well. I say “where possible” because the trail had to be good, with me not really being able to see my feet.

We made it to the road in good time and were shortly on the coast again in the town of Senj. It has a nice old centre, and I took a refreshing dip in the sea.

Day 60

22/06/2022 – 32km

I enjoyed a lazy morning in Senj with Lina before getting back to the trail around 11am.

The rest of the day was very melancholy. It’s hard going back to being alone. I guess I was always going to feel this way, after some great days together.

Now that I’m out of the Velebit national park, I’m back on forest roads and unkempt trail. I did see some bears today though. A mother with large cubs and a mother with small cubs.

Today also marks the completion of one third of the trail. I have about the length of the PCT left to go (which is perhaps not the most motivating way to look at it).

Day 61

23/06/2022 – 43km

After resigning to the idea of dull trail for the next day or so, I was pleasantly surprised to pass through an incredible jungle of limestone around a place called Bijele Stijene. The trail was slow going but very fun, with the constant need to scramble and use my hands.


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