Day 66 – 69
Day 66 – 69

Day 66 – 69

Km 2311 to km 2458, Postojna (Slovenia) to the Slovenian/Austrian border.

Day 66

28/06/2022 – 41km

A busy road walk to start the day, but rewarded with this interesting sight of Predjama Castle, built into a cliff side.

Here I reached the end of the Via Dinarica, and am now on the Via Alpina, for which the signposting so far has been excellent.

I had a heavy rain shower this afternoon, the first since Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite the rain, the scenery was nice and the way easy. I made it further than I thought I would today given my late start, and found myself staying in a hostel again in the (former?) mining town of Idrija. I could get used to this bed to bed hiking.

Day 67

29/06/2022 – 43km

It definitely feels like the Alps now. Grassy meadows, cows, red flowers in window boxes (Geraniums?).

I had my biggest climb in a while towards the end of the day (1200m). Thankfully it wasn’t too bad because I think there’s a lot more in store for me before Southern France.

I actually ended up in a hut again. I was planning on camping just before the national park boundary, however I was thinking that it wasn’t likely that I’d find a good spot. It’s also been raining on and off today (which is fine, but it does make me yearn for dryer options). That’s when I came upon a hut not in my notes. The owner is a really friendly and hospitable guy and made me feel very welcome and at home. And only €12 to sleep in a dry bed again.

As I’m writing this in bed, he came by to give me a branch of fresh cherries.

Day 68

30/06/2022 – 41km

A great day in Triglav national park. I was in and out of clouds in the morning, but these clouds had a silver lining. There was a long waterless stretch up on the ridge I was on and the clouds meant I didn’t need to drink as much.

Today I also encountered more alpine staples for the first time on this trip, marmots and edelweiss.

It was hard going today, with a lot of elevation change. I think I’m going to see a noticeable decline in my daily mileage.

Day 69

01/07/2022 – 33km

Descending the sheer mountains below Triglav was really beautiful, and then the valley was filled with crystal clear rivers. Deservedly, it was very busy with hikers, bikers and campers.

I finished early today when I came to a nice little independent campsite run by a teenager as his summer job. Also the next 10km are through an inhabited valley and up to a border, so I didn’t foresee a “nice” camping option. I’m sure I could have found something if it came to it, but I’m happy with my choice.


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