Day 70 – 73
Day 70 – 73

Day 70 – 73

Km 2458 to km 2628, the Slovenian/Austrian border to Sexton (Italy).

Day 70

02/07/2022 – 42km

Out of Slovenia and into Austria. I’ll be following the Italian/Austrian border for a while.

I did a big stock-up in Arnoldstein, as my next resupply is 150km away. I also spent part of the day hiking with a retired German doctor who was heading the same way.

I found a great place to camp with views of the mountains all around. At least I thought it was great until the local cows came to examine the new curiousity. I spent a very fitful night worrying for my tent as they plodded about outside.

Day 71

03/07/2022 – 46km

A calm morning through some alms (little alpine villages), then it got very busy as I went through a ski resort where some kind of mountain biking event was going on.

I’m not totally sure about today’s distance. The kilometre markers from the GPS track say 44 and a half, but the GPS track is definitely shorter than what I walked (it often showed a straight line where the path meandered). I think I did at least 46km.

I finished the day at a hut with showers, so I’m happy.

Day 72

04/07/2022 – 43km

Lots of light rain today, and one short but very heavy thunderstorm. It caught me on an open slope with very little shelter. I tucked up against a grassy bank with my umbrella and waited for it to pass. Some lightning stuck close to me somewhere. When this happens it makes me wonder, when you really feel a shockwave (not sure what other word to use here) from lightning, is that passing through the air or the ground?

I’m camping fairly high today (2400m), and the forecast is for a storm tonight (and rain all tomorrow). I did my best to secure my tent.

Day 73

05/07/2022 – 36km

Well, so much for the Google forecast. There was only light rain last night, and only a small patch of drizzle in the day.

I’m still following a ridge between Italy and Austria and there are lots of old trenches and military positions. I’m no expert on this history, but I presume most of these to be from the first world war.

I had a shorter day for accommodation reasons. I’m staying in a reasonably priced alpine hut rather than descending into town because nothing in town was within my budget.


  1. Hello, I’m Gilles from France, I was also hiking along Via Alpina from Sloviena, we met at the Zollenseehütte.
    I am again VERY impressed by what you do and how you do it.
    I quit the route afer arriving in Pustertal and will resume in september when crowds will have thinned out (contrary to you, I am dependent on huts, and don’t like it when they get chock-full)
    I am just starting to sort and process the 1000+ pictures I took during my hike, it will take me several weeks, whereas you do this in almost real-time…
    Do no hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any kind of logistical help when you are near Grenoble

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