Day 74 – 77
Day 74 – 77

Day 74 – 77

Km 2628 to km 2800, Sexton (Italy) to Landshuter Europa-hütte (Italy/Austria).

Day 74

06/07/2022 – 34km

I was running low on audio content so I found a café so as to have WiFi.

The main event today was a climb up to the Drei Zinnen hut. These are probably the most iconic dolomite peaks. Not surprisingly it was a very popular area. I could see queues of people for one of the via ferratas there very reminiscent of those photos of Everest that you see.

Tonight I’m in a private hut (and treating myself to half board) as I’m in a busy protected nature area and didn’t feel like chancing it with camping.

Day 75

07/07/2022 – 40km

The hut breakfast wasn’t available until 7am, so that gave me a good opportunity to have a lie in. I think I slept for over 9 hours.

I had a nice quiet morning up high on the trail before dropping down to a the very busy resort of Lago di Braies. The Alps can be funny like that, you can go hours without seeing people, then suddenly reach a popular spot and there’ll be hundreds (no exaggeration) of people.

For a good section of my day I was on some kind of cycle path and the going was very fast, hence covering an okay distance despite the late start.

Day 76

08/07/2022 – 43km

Last night was very cold. I slept in my thick socks, leggings and my down jacket (in addition to my sleeping bag and liner). I knew I’d been carrying them all this way for some reason.

The morning was also very frigid, but once I got out of the wind and the sun was on me it went back to feeling like summer.

There were some incredible stairs on the climb up to Rieserfernerhütte.

Day 77

09/07/2022 – 48km

I bit off a little more than I could chew when I set myself the goal of reaching a hut 48km away. But chew I did, and as you can see from today’s distance, I made it.

On the one hand I’m proud of the athletic achievement, on the other I think I pushed myself too hard. I was in high gear pretty much all day and it was both mentally and physically draining.

The path took me over a glacier which was really cool (apologies for the pun).


    1. Thanks, but I’ve realised I don’t think it’s sustainable (for my body) so I’ve slowed down a bit. Especially on this Austrian high route alternate.

      I guess I’ll just have to listen to my body and see how it goes.

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