Day 82 – 85
Day 82 – 85

Day 82 – 85

Km 2921 to km 3055, near Jezens (Austria) to Schruns (Austria).

Day 82

14/07/2022 – 47km

A ski area/village/valley day. So generally easier going. Lots of pretty and busy alpine tourist areas.

At one point along the way there were lots of bilberries (I had to look up the name) which I happily consumed.

The biggest achievement of the day was eating 1kg of potato salad, which only cost €1.30.

Day 83

15/07/2022 – 27km

A shorter day, coming into the town of Ishgl where I have a hotel room booked. I thought it’d be good to have a bit more time and space to care for my feet (lately I’ve been suffering a bit from cracked heels).

I was happy to find Clif bars in town for only €1. Usually they’re €2-2.5, not that I’d pay that for them.

Since my room has a microwave I had a microwave dinner for the first time in a long time (I think), which was if nothing else a nice change from my usual fare.

Day 84

16/07/2022 – 36km

I woke up feeling very tired, and I felt weak throughout the day. I felt like taking frequent breaks, which isn’t like me.

I knew something was off, but only once a friend messaged me that Ishgl is a covid hotspot did I even really consider that as a possibility (I guess that says how disconnected I’ve been).

I hope that’s not what this is, as lingering symptoms could spell an end to my trip. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens. I’ll pick up a test in town tomorrow.

Besides that, the scenery today was once again very nice. Due to my tiredness I don’t seem to have taken as many pictures. An Apfelschorle at the end of the day did help.

Day 85

17/07/2022 – 26km

This morning I felt better (or at least not worse). As I was coming down the mountain into town I realised that it’s Sunday and the shops are closed, so I wouldn’t be able to buy a covid test.

Since the morning’s hiking felt okay, I decided to continue and try and get over the next mountains into Switzerland. From there I would take a train to Rafal’s (a good friend of mine) and rest up until recovered.

Alas, after a couple of hours hiking up the mountain, I was feeling weaker and weaker and I knew I had to turn around. Back in town I figured out how to make it to Rafal’s place. It’s an awkward route with many changes and he offered to pick me up to save me the last leg of the journey.

He didn’t think I had covid, and a negative test result seems to support his view. He made me a very filling and nutritious dinner. The current theory being that my condition is related to heat/nutrition.

I’m going to rest up here for a couple of days and hope that fixes things.


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