Day 86 – 89
Day 86 – 89

Day 86 – 89


So, no hiking. I’ve been resting and recovering as best I can.

Day 86

The day after I arrived at Rafal’s, the day started out okay. I managed to walk to the supermarket (only a few hundred metres away) and buy some food. Although even this tired me out. However as the day progressed I got weaker and weaker to the point where I couldn’t even sit up or really move at all.

Whether due to time, or one of the various remedies Rafal administered, by the later evening I was starting to show signs of life and was able to take a shower and eat something.

Day 87

The next day didn’t see a huge improvement, but at least I didn’t get worse. I spent all day lying around, watching random YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, generally doing nothing. I felt alert and awake, but being up on my feet made me tired.

Day 88

On Wednesday morning (20th, third day of rest) I went out for a short morning walk. It was okay, but I’m still not in hiking shape.

My energy is definitely linked with the temperature. In the cooler mornings, or after a cool shower I feel much better. But as it heats up I grow more and more lethargic.

Now I’m focusing on trying to eat as much as I can to build up some energy. Rafal has been amazing, preparing food for me the whole time.

In the afternoon (in midday heat) we cycled to the lake for a swim and that actually felt surprisingly good, considering there was some uphill cycling required.

Day 89

In the morning there was no noticeable improvement.

Today a friend from the UK (Pete) has come out to join me for some hiking. And as luck would have it, in the afternoon I did start to feel much better. We spent the late afternoon hanging out by the lake where Rafal joined us once he finished work.

The plan is to head back to the trail tomorrow and see how it goes. If I get worse again, I’ll come back to Rafal’s to rest some more and Pete will continue on alone.

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