Day 90 – 93
Day 90 – 93

Day 90 – 93

Km 3055 to km 3146, Schruns (Austria) to Richetlipass (Switzerland).

Day 90

22/07/2022 – 15km

We took the train all the way back to Austria to pick up where I left off. We started from town at about midday.

The way today wasn’t so long, but just one big uphill climb (1600m elevation gain). I was a bit tired, but it felt okay, I could do it. Pete was really quick, often charging ahead.

We found a great place to camp, with soft grass and a nice stream. It’s really nice to have some company and catch up with an old friend.

Day 91

23/07/2022 – 27km

Today I left Austria for good, now I’ll be in Switzerland for 380km.

There were multiple parts today secured with chains and cables. Pete’s not great with heights but he pushed through it and did himself proud.

On the map there were three lakes in a row. The first two were completely dried up, but thankfully the third was good and we both took a dip.

I feel like I’m starting to get my strength back. Hopefully this continues.

Day 92

24/07/2022 – 32km

Lots of today was on the flat in the valley, including a 2km crossing of Lichtenstein. It was nice to be able to easily eat up the kilometres.

Pete started to feel the distance in the afternoon and fair enough, it was a big day.

I think I’m back to being fit again, which is a big relief.

Day 93

25/07/2022 – 27km

The big news of the day is reaching the halfway mark. Just another 3 more months to go.

After descending into Elm we pigged out as best we could at the small convenience store. It was very hot and sunny. Pete got a little burnt.

We made it further than anticipated today (27km with over 2000m of elevation gain), so we now have a couple of easier days ahead of us.


  1. Robert Tarzey

    I am glad to hear you are doing OK with chains and cables Ben, and able to help your friend Pete overcome his fesrs. It is almost exactluy ten years ago that we did the epic threading of Napes Needle in Wasdale!

  2. Patrick

    Looks like you’re both (along this section) having a very exciting time and overcoming some pretty serious challenges! We’ll done, we’re very proud of you really going for it. xx

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